How to Bring Cyanuric Acid Up in Pool: Quick Boost Tips

How to Bring Cyanuric Acid Up in Pool

Ensuring the proper chemical balance in your swimming pool is essential for maintaining water quality and clarity. One important chemical to monitor is cyanuric acid, also known as stabilizer or conditioner. Cyanuric acid helps protect chlorine from degradation due to UV rays, thus prolonging its effectiveness in sanitizing the pool water.

Why Cyanuric Acid is Important

Cyanuric acid plays a crucial role in helping chlorine do its job effectively. Without adequate cyanuric acid levels, chlorine can quickly dissipate in the sunlight, leading to the need for more frequent chlorine additions and potentially leaving your pool vulnerable to algae and bacteria growth.

How to Bring Cyanuric Acid Up in Pool: Quick Boost Tips


Testing Cyanuric Acid Levels

Before attempting to bring cyanuric acid levels up in your pool, it’s essential to test the current levels accurately. You can use a pool water testing kit to determine the cyanuric acid concentration in your pool water. The ideal range for cyanuric acid in a pool is typically between 30-50 parts per million (ppm).

Ways to Increase Cyanuric Acid Levels

If your pool’s cyanuric acid levels are below the recommended range, there are several methods you can use to bring them up:

1. Cyanuric Acid Stabilizer

One of the most common ways to increase cyanuric acid levels is by using a cyanuric acid stabilizer or conditioner. This product is available in granular form and can be added directly to the pool water. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the proper dosage based on your pool size and current cyanuric acid levels.

2. Cyanuric Acid Tablets

Another option is to use cyanuric acid tablets, which can be placed in a pool skimmer or a floating dispenser. These tablets dissolve slowly, releasing cyanuric acid into the water over time. Be sure to monitor the levels regularly to ensure they stay within the recommended range.

3. Pool Shock With Stabilizer

If your pool is in need of shocking to eliminate contaminants, consider using a pool shock product that contains cyanuric acid. This can help boost the cyanuric acid levels while simultaneously sanitizing the pool water. Follow the shock product’s instructions for the correct dosage and application method.

How to Bring Cyanuric Acid Up in Pool: Quick Boost Tips


Precautions to Take

When increasing cyanuric acid levels in your pool, it’s essential to take certain precautions to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the process:

  • Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when adding cyanuric acid products to your pool.
  • Avoid adding large amounts of cyanuric acid at once, as this can lead to over-stabilization and potential water balance issues.
  • Regularly test the cyanuric acid levels in your pool to prevent them from becoming too high, which can reduce chlorine’s effectiveness.
  • Consider the impact of cyanuric acid on other pool chemicals and adjust their levels accordingly.

Monitoring Cyanuric Acid Levels

Once you have successfully increased the cyanuric acid levels in your pool, it’s important to monitor them regularly to ensure they remain within the optimal range. Test the cyanuric acid levels alongside other water parameters like pH and chlorine levels to maintain a balanced and healthy swimming environment.


Keeping your pool’s cyanuric acid levels within the recommended range is key to maintaining a safe and clean swimming environment. By following the proper procedures for increasing cyanuric acid levels and monitoring them consistently, you can ensure that your pool water remains balanced and properly sanitized.

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